Financial technologies

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5 weeks, 32 hours
14 500 uah
Tue. | Thu. 18.00 – 19.20

Краткое описание программы

The program “Financial technologies” is the mirror of modern approaches to financial tools understanding and use, starting from the state fiscal policy, familiarization with core banking relationships building, organization the system of your business defense from the bankruptcy risk and application of the taxation optimization windows.
The program “Financial technologies” consists of the courses:
  • Сourse 1. The impact of changes in the macroeconomic environment on businesses (4 hours)
  • Course 2. The financial system and fiscal policy of the state (4 hours)
  • Course 3. Banking technologies (4 hours)
  • Course 4. Preventing bankruptcy (6 hours)
  • Course 5. International taxation technologies (2 hours)

Duration: 20 hours + 4 hours Skype-call with our International partners. Total: 24 hours (5 weeks).
The program “Financial technologies” will from competencies of:
  • Macroeconomic factors consideration when building or changing business strategy;
  • Adapting to the rapidly changing business macro environment by financial technologies;
  • Being aware of the overall concept of financial system in Ukraine and worldwide;
  • Apply state budget articles;
  • Evaluate the deficit and surplus of the state budget;
  • Research the public debt and its socio-economic impact;
  • Understand the influence of discretionary and non-discretionary fiscal policy;
  • Be aware of the government spending multiplier and tax multiplier;
  • Identify existing and forecast future trends in banking technologies;

  • Choose the appropriate banking technology to make business effectively;
  • Understanding the crypto-currencies core principles as a banking technology;
  • Asses the benefits and disadvantages of the chosen banking technologies;
  • Find the way to prevent fraud and follow business security while using banking technologies;
  • Solve case-study for crypto-currency modelling;
  • Identify risks of the company;
  • Choose the RM methods;
  • Asses the risks and build risk – maps;
  • Use decision – making indicators for choice the risky projects;
  • Calculate the bankruptcy level for the company;
  • Apply technologies for international tax optimization.

Program price:
The financial system and fiscal policy of the state
Yuliia Rosetskaya

PhD. in Economics Science, Attested by Ministry as a Dotsent, Associate Professor of the Department of economic Theory of Odessa National Economic University.

Pedagogical and research internship: The University of Informational technologies, Krakow, Poland; the University of Genoa (UNIGE), Italy.

Banking technologies
Ruzanna Arutyunyan
Tutor and Chief of the Program

CEO, WAVE Odessa Business School Co-founder, PhD. in Economics Science, Attested by Ministry as Dotsent, Associate professor of the Department of Banking Business of Odessa National Economic University, Honored as the best tutor of the ENACTUS team in Ukraine, Diploma of Economist with highest honor of Odessa National Economic University. Research and Practical experience: numerous TEMPUS projects and Ukrainian banks cooperation.

Preventing bankruptcy
Iryna Nyenno

Attested by Ministry as Dotsent, Associate professor of the Department of Economics and Management of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, PhD. in Economics Science. Research Internship at the Centre of Insurance Economics of the University Paris’ Dauphine, France (prepared and manipulating database, tables for summarizing research results. – Published in Scopus International Database).

Pedagogical internship: Barriers of Mathematics of Financial Market, Summer School of the Finance Department, University of Bologna, Italy. Coordinator of the University TEMPUS project UNI4INNO (Universities for innovations) — BOOSTING THE KNOWLEDGE TRIANGLE BY ESTABLISHING INNOVATION OFFICES.

Vice-Chairman for Financial Transparency and Marketing of the JSC “City Insurance Company” (duties: public relations, collecting and analyzing data of financial reports, interacting with rating agencies, making research of the insurance market, etc.).

Consulting for risk management and preventing bankruptcy – JSC “City Insurance Company”, Sea Commercial Port “Olvia”.

International taxation technologies
Antonenko Daria

Impetuous leader with strong organizational skills and successful management experience. Managing Director with the confirmed annual growth of the company’s revenues, profits and achievement of business growth goals. She leads and motivates a team of more than 200 employees and manage all of the company’s operations with a turnover of 10 million USD per year.

Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Association of Manufacturers ( Experienced in cooperation with the Government of Ukraine in order to identify and provide the correct legislative basis for the development of Ukrainian production;cooperation and the Business Coalition managed by Giorgi Vashadze, together with the Reforms Lab in the context of the struggle for the de-economy of the economy.

Deputy General Director of AISBERG LTD (09.2013 — Now)

Achievements in management: completed Supply Chain Management, including sales, procurement, logistics, certification, marketing and advertising, HR and control of financial departments.

Achievements in sales: expansion of sales geography for 22 countries, such as: Great Britain, Iceland, Netherlands, Malta, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Romania, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and New Caledonia; reduction of fluctuations in production cycles by equalizing demand; winning the tenders for supply for the leaders of the world retail: REWE-Group, Carrefour, Kaufland, Delhazie Group, METRO Group, SPAR, coop, Auchan and others; increased annual sales by 40% per year.

Achievements in procurement: established direct contracts for supply with international suppliers of steel, plastics, aluminum, followed by a decrease in the cost of products by an average of 12% for each position of raw materials.

”You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis